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Greetings to customers all around the world!

Our company have been producing all sorts of shafts and exporting to the international market. Our brand "KLS" Shaft (Korea Lintec & Shaft) has been acknowledged for great quality control, competitive pricing, and punctual and fast delivery. Exports have been increasing continuously due to our excellent reputation of great deals and quality by our customers.

Especially, we have developed HPJ Brand's LM Bushings overseas (China), of which trademark HPJ has registered in Japan, which is used with our Shaft and we are exporting them in parallel, and has established ourselves as a maker of LM System. Any Buyers who has imported our Shaft and LM Bushings takes advantage of our
1) Competitive price
2) Top quality products
3) Fast delivery
and continues to do buy our "KLS" Brand Shafts and HPJ Brand LM Bushings. The long term relationship we maintain with these buyers are our greatest strengths.

And,also we are producing many other concerned Items such,
1) "Support Unit",
2)"Micro Coupling"
3)"Lock Nut" for Ball Screw,
4)"TM(Lead) Screw,
5)"Cross Roller Guide","Sector Elignment Stage" is No.2 in the world makers/factories
6)"Miniature Liner Guide",
7)"RodEnd & Camfollower", "Track Roller",
8)"Thrust Roller Bearings",etc.,
are all for Factory Automation Systems,and also for Robot Systems.

Therefore, in 2015, we will put our best effort into increasing our exports, and we promise you that we will be the number one Brand of above all Products in the near future.

Chief Representative: Woo Ho Lee

Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameKorea Lintec Shaft
  • Business TypeDistributor(Wholesaler)
  • Year Established2002
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsChina,Germany,Denmark,France,Mexico,Malaysia,Singapore
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentWoo-ho Lee
  • Phone+82-2-2066-2881
  • FAX+82-2-2060-2569
  • Address#1208-Ga Dong(ChungAng Circulation Complex,Guro-Dong)15,Gyeongin-Ro,53-Gil,Guro-Gu,Seoul(Post Code 08217) ,Korea
  • Product Category General Mechanical Components > Bearings > Other Bearings
    Hardware > Shafts
    Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Factory Information

  • KLS#1208,Ga-Dong,ChuangAng Circulation Complex 1258 Guro Bon-Dong,Guro-Gu,Seoul,Korea
  • Korealintec & Shaft#1,208,GaDong,CuangAng Circulation,GuRo Gu,Seoul,Korea